Thursday, August 19, 2010

Funding from the budget

Computers in Homes received some funding in the latest budget. At our May meeting, the National CIH Coordinating Group were guests at a function for Bill English, deputy Prime Minister, who told us that we had Tariana Turia to thank for the money we did get. He said that she sat in his office and glowered at him till he put us in the budget. It looks like we will have funding for 1000 families a year for the next three years, over the whole of NZ. We need to think about our role in this. Laurence sent an email after he had meetings with DIA. Some of the salient points are as follows:
  1. Scope is for 3000 families over 3 years, commencing with 2010/11 year
  2. 2020 is to be funded directly
  3. 2020 will enter into agreements with local partners – similar to existing arrangements
  4. Essential that local CIH committees (or Trusts) stay in place not essential to establish new trusts, but personally, I still think this is a good idea – to seek other local leverage opportunities – and explore the local deployment.
It looks like the Taranaki E-Learning Trust may have parts of King Country and National Park area.

Given that there are thousands of families in the South Island, South Auckland, Wellington, Manawatu, Horowhenua, and Waikato who have not been served (apart from funding 2020 has received for Di to manage in those areas) I think that we should not expect to be assigned a large number of families.
CIH Coordinator for Taranaki Christina Turner speaks with Bill English Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance

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