Friday, May 18, 2012

a comment from a student in the new class at Te Kuiti High

This is an email our coordinator recieved recently from a student that recently completed a Computers In Homes class at Te Kuiti High

"Kia ora Christina, ko Angel toku ingoa...unfortunately I didnt get to meet you in the first class, but I heard good things, especially encouraging computers in homes.

I joined up in the 2nd week. I have been without a computer in my home for 7 years now, my older children when attending collage were able to use our home computer for homework and was very handy. Now my younger tamariki are missing the opportunity. I have also forgotten the steps to operating a computer and have no idea how to send emails.

I jumped at the oportunity of joining this class and look forward to the learnings that will be made available to me and of course a home computer, my tamariki are wrapt, finally our own.

Our tutor Alan is the bomb, wish I had a teacher like him all those years ago hahaha, makes learning fun and goes at our pace without all the pressures and stressYip loving this class and am grateful for the computers in homes programme"Ka tauke" - Choice!...Thanks heeps...Ka Keets"

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