Friday, May 18, 2012


As a Trust we have been talking about creating a newsletter so we can get our news items out to interested parties. Below is part of our first ever newsletter.....

Creating internet access for those without a phone line has been an issue at Taranaki E-Learning for some time. Taranaki E-Learning is the name of the trust that runs “Computers in Homes” and “Stepping Up” programmes in Taranaki and the King Country.

The “Computers in Homes” programme was designed some years ago with internet access through phone lines in mind. Cell phones have, in many cases, reduced the need for families to have a phone line connected to their homes. The cost of maintaining a little used phone line is too high. Unfortunately current internet providers use phone lines to deliver internet connections.

One possible solution is a radio based internet connection. This works best in a small locality with a number of people who want to connect to the internet.

A test is being carried out now on just such a new Internet connection idea in the Marfell district of New Plymouth.

If successful this new system will bypass the need for a phone line to access the internet. Further research to see if a wider group can gain access through the new system will be considered if the tests work within budget.

Costs are, of course a major concern for a Trust running on a very limited budget but new fund raising schemes are also being considered.

If early tests prove successful then, providing sufficient funding can be found this could  become an ongoing project for other areas where internet access is poor due to a lack of phone lines.

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