Thursday, November 29, 2012

Top of the class

Christina Turner, our Coordinator, was congratulated on passing 4 of her KiwiSkills modules at the NCCG meeting in Christchurch today!! Well done Chris!!  :) Top of the class!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012


Some of the CIH regional coordinators including our Cordinator Christina,went to Christchurch at the beginning of October to test Dora, Sue Davidson’s mobile training centre.  Dora is impressive, with state-of-the-art solar power and satellite connectivity.  There is a big screen tucked up above the driver’s seat that can be lowered for doing presentations, and seating for training up to ten people.  The seating arrangement is very efficient, given the confines of a bus!

On board Dora:  Laurence popped by for a visit

The solar powered batteries held up very well, and connectivity never missed a beat.

Christina sat and passed four exams for the Kiwiskills course in Dora, and received a certificate later!! Well done Christina!!

Thank You Snap!!

Snap’s new portal

Snap has developed a new portal for signing up new accounts for our Computers in Homes families.
I am impressed.  It is clean, functional and easy to use.  Snap is going out of their way to help us as regional coordinators do our part, and they are understanding and accommodating with any information we need, or problems we have.  They are also very good with our families, even the difficult ones. 
I keep thanking Michael Rean for what Snap does for us, but I don’t think he realizes just how much I appreciate Snap’s service, and how they are redesigning their operations to accommodate us.  I’m also grateful for such prompt answers to any query I make.
-Christina Turner - Central North Island Regional Coordinator 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Ruapehu College - Computers In Homes

Graduation was held at Ruapehu College on 28th September at 10.30am. Computers in Homes shared the stage with the Sports stars of the school, with the CIH graduates up first.
Tutor Ryan Jolie spoke about the history of Computers in Homes in New Zealand.
Eighteen families graduated, with apologies from one woman who couldn’t be there because
she has just started a new job, using the computer skills she learned at her Computers in
Homes course!!!!

The relationship between Ryan and his CIH class members, between the principal and parents,
and the high school students is one of mutual respect and friendliness. This showed up well
during the sports stars presentations, as well as during the CIH graduation ceremony and in
staff-student interactions. All in all, this school has been a pleasure to work with.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

AGM held

The Trust held their AGM on Monday the 6th of August 2012. The following people were elected for office: Chairperson Karen Cave, Vice chair Mary McKee, Secretary Linda Ogle, Treasurer Adrian Sole, Promotions Richard Oliver and Trustees Jane Gilbert, Chester Borrows MP, David Birchler

Monday, August 6, 2012

Te Kuiti High school

Click here to view Te Kuiti High School training with Computers in Homes

Te Wharekura o Maniapoto

Click here to view the photos from the  renaming Ceremony and graduation Te Wharekura o Maniapoto that have been posted on Facebook

Friday, May 18, 2012


As a Trust we have been talking about creating a newsletter so we can get our news items out to interested parties. Below is part of our first ever newsletter.....

Creating internet access for those without a phone line has been an issue at Taranaki E-Learning for some time. Taranaki E-Learning is the name of the trust that runs “Computers in Homes” and “Stepping Up” programmes in Taranaki and the King Country.

The “Computers in Homes” programme was designed some years ago with internet access through phone lines in mind. Cell phones have, in many cases, reduced the need for families to have a phone line connected to their homes. The cost of maintaining a little used phone line is too high. Unfortunately current internet providers use phone lines to deliver internet connections.

One possible solution is a radio based internet connection. This works best in a small locality with a number of people who want to connect to the internet.

A test is being carried out now on just such a new Internet connection idea in the Marfell district of New Plymouth.

If successful this new system will bypass the need for a phone line to access the internet. Further research to see if a wider group can gain access through the new system will be considered if the tests work within budget.

Costs are, of course a major concern for a Trust running on a very limited budget but new fund raising schemes are also being considered.

If early tests prove successful then, providing sufficient funding can be found this could  become an ongoing project for other areas where internet access is poor due to a lack of phone lines.

a comment from a student in the new class at Te Kuiti High

This is an email our coordinator recieved recently from a student that recently completed a Computers In Homes class at Te Kuiti High

"Kia ora Christina, ko Angel toku ingoa...unfortunately I didnt get to meet you in the first class, but I heard good things, especially encouraging computers in homes.

I joined up in the 2nd week. I have been without a computer in my home for 7 years now, my older children when attending collage were able to use our home computer for homework and was very handy. Now my younger tamariki are missing the opportunity. I have also forgotten the steps to operating a computer and have no idea how to send emails.

I jumped at the oportunity of joining this class and look forward to the learnings that will be made available to me and of course a home computer, my tamariki are wrapt, finally our own.

Our tutor Alan is the bomb, wish I had a teacher like him all those years ago hahaha, makes learning fun and goes at our pace without all the pressures and stressYip loving this class and am grateful for the computers in homes programme"Ka tauke" - Choice!...Thanks heeps...Ka Keets"

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stepping Up Classes starting for 2012

Taranaki ELearning Trust

Stepping Up Classes are starting Tuesday 21st February in Eltham, and February the 16th in Hawera. 9.30 to 12 noon. You need to book in for these classes. Please view our facebook profile for more information

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Christina and Karen are in the Stratford Press Thursday February 02, 2012 Click here to read the article.....