Monday, November 3, 2014

Snap increases data allowance

Great news for Computers in Homes families! Snap has increased the data allowance on all plans to 

50gb a month, at no extra cost to our families.

Even more good news! Snap is offering UFB service wherever UFB is available! Here’s a snippet 

from news

SNAP will be offering a 30M download/10M upload naked UFB service for $60 per month 

(incl GST) on the same terms as their current Naked DSL service for Computers in 

Homes families. Families will have a data cap of 50GB/month and unlimited YouTube (an 

increase over the existing 30GB/month data cap). As with existing Naked DSL services, 

there will be no overuse charges – the connection speed will simply throttle back for the 

remaining portion of the month. The Computers in Homes programme subsidises internet 

costs during the first year; this means families can obtain access to this service for just $10 

per week or $15 per week when the subsidy ends.

Read the article here