Thursday, September 29, 2016

Graduation at Central Plateau REAP, Taupo

Pania and her children are flanked by Taupo Mayor David Trewavas (right) and Barry Kerr, (left) General Manager for Central Plateau REAP 

Eight Computers in Homes families graduated last Monday night at a bitter-sweet ceremony at Central Plateau Reap.

Everyone was happy to be taking their computers home, but no one was happy that the course was ended and they wouldn't be getting together again on Monday nights.  There were hugs and promises to keep in touch as Graduation progressed, while the kids were just anxious to get home to play on their new laptops or desktop computers!

Mayor David Trewavas popped in briefly to congratulate the graduates and present their certificates, and Barry Kerr, General Manager Central Plateau REAP spoke about how important it is for families to have access to the internet at home.  He said he was lucky to have had a great childhood and was able to complete a good education to help him get ahead in life, but sometimes, other people are not so lucky.  He congratulated the successful graduates for putting in the effort and time to do the Computers in Homes course for their children's benefit.  And, of course, for themselves.

For the first time, we ran a creche alongside the Computers in Homes course, and two remarkable ladies looked after several children while their parents learned how to use a computer.  Some of the parents told me that they would not have been able to complete the course if it wasn't for the creche.

Tutor Jude Sherning said that all of the students put a lot of effort into making a Powerpoint presentation, and several outstanding presentations were shown as part of the Graduation.  Jude recounted how, at the last class, when students were putting final touches on their presentations, all the children came in to show their parents their presentations!  It turns out that the creche ladies were also teaching the kids how to use a computer!  Unfortunately, we didn't get to view the kids' presentations!

Two new CIH courses have been offered at CP REAP for Term Four and registrations are open now.