Sunday, June 28, 2015

A letter from a Computers in Homes Student

20 June 2015

Hello Christina
This is Ngaire from the first term Thursday course Tongariro School. I thought i would let you know that i am taking another course up at the Literacy Centre Turangi and i have been so surprised at how much i have recalled from doing the CIH one.
I have been on the course with Dion for four weeks now with another six to go and enjoying everything that we are doing. I am looking at doing another course at the centre again after this one finishes.
So Christina i am just keeping you in the loop to what i am up to as i think i was the only one who never had any computer skills to talk about, but i now am feeling a lot more confident about it. ­­
Thank You

Dear Ngaire
Oh, that is so great to hear, Ngaire. Thank you for letting me know.
Do you mind if I put your letter on our Facebook page? It's such exciting news.

Hello Christina
No i do not mind you putting my letter on our Facebook page as i feel there others like me who may be uplifted by my comments and carry on with the CIH course and know there are other avenues to continue learning about computers.
So Christina thank you for replying and it has given me an eagerness to carry on with gusto with my computer course.