Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Update for May 2013

This month, we have started classes in Turangi at Tongariro Area School, Marfell Primary School and Eltham CTC.
20 families from Tongariro Area School are being taught by Kristina Parbhu, who is bravely taking on all 20 families at once, all by herself. 

The families are loving the classes.  Lena says, "I would just like to take the time to mention that I am quite excited to be enrolled on this course.  CIH is an awesome opportunity for whanau to acquire computers in their homes for many different reasons weather it be homework for our tamariki to upskilling for our own benefits.  Either way, it's a tool to learn with, and I'd just like to say thank you and I appreciate this opprtunity and look forward to completing this course with flying colours!!!"
Our coordinator, Christina Turner is travelling up to Turangi this week to visit the class.
Ray Tucker is again teaching the Marfell class of 10 students.  They will be training in the Marfell Community Trust's brand new premises that used to be the old school dental clinic.  This is a convenient place that is easy for the students to get to, and computers provided by the Taranaki E-Learning Trust mean that Computers in Homes families and members of the Marfell community can pop in at any time to check their emails or have a chat. 
The numbers in Eltham's Computers in Homes "growing like Topsy" and full classes are keeping tutors Karen Cave, Jane Gilbert and new tutor Teresa Cope on their toes.
Andrew writes - "Hi Tutors of Computer in Homes.
Good Evening Tutors,

My name is Andrew and I am a Student in the Night Class with Teresa Cope.
And Mo said, "its good to be back in class today. im really enjoying the fun and learning thanx"

Maraea said "
Reminds of the movie scary
... I just have to hang in there for the next 7 or so weeks I'm gonna really enjoy every moment how scary is that lol"
June will be a busy month with approximately 50 people graduating in 3 different ceremonies.